Student Surveys for Science Teaching Institute

Randolph College
Science Education Group

Ninjango: Battle for Better Math & Science
Science Teaching Institute
June 18 – 22, 2018


Here are the STUDENT surveys for teachers who plan to attend or have attended the teaching institute. (The teacher survey will be sent to you via email in May. Teachers only do the survey once, before the institute.) Your students in the spring do the below surveys AND your students in the fall do the same. For the student surveys, they do not need any code: they do not use their name, but identify you, the teacher, and that helps the statistician. Please have your students do these before you end school for the summer (about June 1), and then your students in the fall need to do them by October 20.

Once analyzed, no identifying information will be associated with any data. Aggregate results are reported in the annual report for the project.

You can choose to remove yourself from the study and the institute at any time.

You may read the survey out loud and if necessary explain any question to your students.

The instructions are to simply “fill out the short survey about how you feel about science to the best of your ability.”

Online Survey for K-2 classes:
Online Survey for 3-5 classes:
Online Survey for 6-8 classes:
Online Survey for 9-12 grades:

Printable Survey for K-2 classes: preK2
Printable Survey for 3-5 classes: pre35
Printable Survey for 6-8 classes: pre68
Printable Survey for 9-12 grades: pre912

If at all possible, we would prefer the survey be taken on the computer. Because of the large numbers of students, this will help in processing the answers, and will help with the accuracy of the surveys and survey data. If you need to give the surveys on paper, the paper versions can be accessed at the website above in PDF format. We can reimburse you for printing costs, or we can send you enough printed copies for your class. Please allow a bit of time to get that done. If you offer the survey in paper form, please mail them to us (we will be happy to reimburse postage) at:

Peter Sheldon
Randolph College
2500 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24503

For more information, please contact a Project Director:

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