Memory Through Motion

A mnemonic technique that can be used in the classroom to help learners acquire information, in an active and fun way!

1.       Select a passage.  Choose material that is worthy to be remembered and that contains strong images.

2.       Prepare a chart.  Write the material to be memorized on an easy-to-read chart.

3.       Select the key words and motions.  These movements should be kept simple.

4.       Introduce the material.  Make sure students understand the meaning of the words.

5.       Present the motions to a small portion of the beginning of the passage to the class.

6.       Have groups complete the motions for the remainder of the material.  Encourage students to identify key words and select appropriate motions.

7.       Have groups present the motions and read aloud their section of the text.

8.       Practice.  Have the entire class stand and repeat all the movements together with the words several times.