Exploration with Light (SOL 5.3)

A center-based jigsaw lesson

SOL: 5.3





Split the class into groups. It is up to you how big you think the groups should be. Also, you may not decide to use all of the centers listed below, warranting fewer groups.


transparent object
translucent object
hot pot
drinking glass

Using mirrors, shine a beam of light from your group space to a designated spot on the wall. Is the light on the wall as bright as the light on the first mirror? Why? Form a hypothesis (you may form several if you need to) and be prepared to explain your hypothesis to the class. In what everyday objects is reflection used?

Transparence and translucence

p. 46 LIGHT Eyewitness Books (or any text that explains the difference between transparence and translucence)

I have given you a few objects that are translucent or transparent. Read the pages I’ve given you, then find at least three of you own things at school that are translucent, transparent or opaque and be prepared to explain to the class which things are transparent, translucent, or opaque and why.


p. 14 Silver LIGHT Eyewitness Books (or any text or handout explaining refraction)

Study this phenomenon and be prepared to explain what is happening by using the materials I have given you.

Explain a mirage

Search the internet for a page about mirages. Everyone should be able to explain how mirages form on stretches of long, hot road!

Make a rainbow

p. 28 LIGHT (or any text or handout that explains how rainbows are formed)

Be prepared to explain to others how to create a rainbow. You can try to make a rainbow in steam with the flashlight. It may not work, don’t be disappointed! You need a LOT of steam.