Hot Science

Science History

Follow this link to a page with information on many of the greatest scientists in history.  Read biographical information and learn something new about the men whose names are now household words such as Celcius, Galileo, Morse (of Morse Code), Einstein and many more!

Science Trivia

This link takes you to a page with random but very interesting facts about the world around us.  The facts on this page allow children to see how science can help explain many wonders that would otherwise be unexplainable and mysterious.  Click here for the science trivia.

Research Links

Whether you are a teacher or an eager student, this page offers countless opportunities to research the topics that interest you!  Follow the many links on listed on this page and let the learning begin.  Click here to start reading about the wonderful world of science in all its glory.


Included here are suggested materials, procedure and an easy to use checklist for any general science experiment.  It is crucial to let children know that safety is most important!  This page is also in a printer-friendly version to take to each experiment.

Ask a Scientist

Check out the contacts on this page to have specific science questions answered that you cannot find on this website.  Find past questions that have been asked by students and faculty, as well.  Send questions you think should be added!


This page offers additional book titles, videos and objects that would assist in both the teaching and learning of science-based information.  Also available are additional links to various websites which could also be of some assistance.