Weather & Climate

How is climate related to weather? Well, weather is a bunch of bizarre events that happens in the atmosphere all over the world. Climate helps you understand the weather in your own part of the world.

Here’s a simple explanation of weather: it’s what happens outside. The air, or atmosphere, around us behaves in different ways. It changes when it’s hot or cold, and when it’s wet or dry. It acts differently when it’s calm or stormy, and clear or cloudy. The atmosphere reacts to everything from rain to sunshine.

A snow flurry is weather. Thunder and lightning are weather, too. Sometimes the atmosphere behaves violently, and sometimes it’s peaceful and quiet. Either way, it’s weather.

Meteorologists record the weather every day. The constant recording of weather information helps to determine the climate of an area.

Climate is the average weather in a location over a long period of time. A place that doesn’t get much rain over many years would have a dry climate. A place where it stays cold for most of the year would have a cold climate.

Climate is useful for weather forecasting. It also helps determine when the best time would be for farmers to plant their crops. It could even be helpful for you and your family to plan a vacation.

In other words, look out your window any day, any time and you see weather. Look out your window every day for a month or longer, observe the weather each day, and you can determine the climate.