Science History


A page about the history behind discoveries or about the lives of important scientists.

Gregor Mendel


Discovered many genetic phenomena that form the backbone for most of our knowledge about heredity today. He lived from 1822-1884.

Sir Isaac Newton


When an apple fell in Newton’s garden, it set humanity on a course for the Moon and beyond. The son of an illiterate man, Newton wrote the law of universal gravitation and 3 laws of motion while living in the countryside to escape an outbreak of the plague in London. Newton’s theories explained not only the motion of objects on Earth, but that of the planets as well. These theories later became the basis of everything from theme park rides to space travel. Like Charles Darwin, Newton did not publish his revolutionary ideas for some time. In fact, his first major work, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, or the Principia, was not published until 1687.

Samuel Morse invented Morse Code.  He was also intensely interested in electricity.  Read about his life!

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Rumford Joule Gauss Celsius Edison
Kelvin Tesla Volta Ohm Franklin


Faraday Aristotle


Coulomb Archimedes Maxwell Snell Boyle
Kirchhoff Hooke Einstein Marie Curie Huygens
Yalow Hodgkin Mayer