About Us

The new Science Teacher (TnST) is intended as a reference source for pre-service teachers, current educators, and parents.  Our goal is that you will use this reference to research information about science topics as well as the pedagogy behind appropriate teaching practices.  We hope that, as a result of browsing this site and learning more about scientific facts and appropriate teaching techniques, you will feel eager to pass on the wonder and interest that science sparks to the children you teach.

Inside TnST, you will find credible science content, as well as links to exemplary science-centered sites.  Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, cooperative learning strategies, individual learning styles, and science classroom safety are among the many topics discussed within these pages.  We hope you enjoy learning more about creating an interesting, successful science classroom, and we welcome all of your suggestions.

TnST was created with the grades K-8  in mind.  We are certain that different lessons and experiments can transcend the elementary or junior high classroom, though, and we believe that even high school teachers will find this site beneficial.

You are welcome to copy any of the images you find on this site.  If you would like, you are also welcome to link to this site from your own homepage.

Welcome to TnST!  

Science Education Group, Randolph College (Randolph College was founded as Randolph-Macon Woman’s College)